Highly tailored ad copy, across thousands of keywords

Learn how Ads Studio builds campaigns with highly tailored ad copy, helping you reduce costs and increase volumes on your paid search.

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Most ads aren't relevant

Most paid search campaigns suffer from the same problem, they show ads that aren't relevant to the search terms they're bidding on.

You're paying the price for it

Google charges higher prices to less relevant ads, and shows them less frequently, meaning you're losing out on profit.

Cue Ads Studio

Ads Studio fixes this by allowing you to build large scale campaigns where your ad copy is highly relevant to each keyword you bid on.

All in just a few minutes

Ads Studio's variable-driven approach lets you tailor your campaign's ad copy in minutes, not days.

The most volume, at the best ROAS

Google rewards relevant ads with lower CPCs and more impressions, meaning that Ads Studio helps you drive volume while reducing your costs.

Show the right ad to each searcher

  • Always show relevant ads on each keyword
  • Increase your quality scores
  • Bring down your cost per click
  • Show your ads higher up the results page
“Midnight was our first template. It was without doubt the main factor to our success."

Philip Wink
CEO & Founder

Start with industry leading templates

  • Save time by starting from templates
  • Learn best-in-class campaign structures
  • New templates added each week
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“Midnight is the template all startups need. High-converting, fast, and beautiful”.

Eric Tunner, CEO & Founder

"The best money I have spent in my life. I saw a 1200% increase in my conversion rates and doubled my revenue in just three hours”.

No One Ever
CEO & Founder

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